Absolutely the Same

It is generous when someone thinks you look absolutely the same as you did years ago when you spent a lot more time together…and absolutely wonderful to share it right back at them.

  • We remember people as being just the same.
  • We see people as they were when we met.
  • We consider old friends to always be beautiful.
  • We let the here and now just be…while building on our history.
  • We believe they haven’t aged, even though we are watching ourselves as we age.
  • We, too, should only be as old or as young as we believe we should be.

Of course, you can’t actually look absolutely the same. But, friends don’t need to look too close in order to see you as your same young self. This is the wonderful part of friendship that lets you just fall back into easy conversation and that is what makes you both completely perfect.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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