Safer Ways To Pay

It used to be everything was paid in cash, but then that wasn’t safe; for the customer or the retailer. Then, we had checks; but that became unsafe for retailers. Credit cards became the way to pay…but at a cost. Many retailers and service providers will say that they see an increase in customer spend when they start to accept credit cards. Then, there was a jump in fraud and stolen cards. security was added, limits set. Ratiailers got hit. People get scared. It affects many…there has to be a better way and today, I found out that there are, indeed, safer ways to pay.

Or at least one, safer way, to pay.

So, until this becomes unsafe…you can add a credit card to Apple Pay and know that it is – right now – one of the safer ways to pay with a credit card. Facts and info supplied to me and hundreds of others in the retail, service and franchise industries, by an industry leader for franchise systems. They, franchises, process millions of dollars every day. Don’t you want to have the most secure way to use your card or accept one from your customers?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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