Left to go Right

As the political debates heat up, you may think that is what I am talking about, but…I am not. This also isn’t a slam on New Jersey where I grew up, where you actually have to go right to turn left. Instead it is because I am finding myself turning left to go right and it is all about an investment.

It is crazy. I know.

But, you see…there is a reason and it goes against all “energy saving” recommendations – even those employed by the more efficient delivery and shipping based companies like UPS who will route their vehicles to limit idling at intersections while waiting to make a left turn.

It is because my right turn signal is burned out. Which is part of a much larger problem that my car is old and I need to replace it. A signal lamp is a small and insignificant investment in a car and it is a life-saving device, too.

However, (and this is where the story gets long, but I won’t bore you) it’s all about economics. Paying for something you need to buy is acceptable, but do not invest in something you won’t be using for much longer.

My “milk” or “don’t-invest-in-it-any-longer” item, is my ten-year-old minivan. My lens gasket is shot (old, deteriorated, doesn’t work anymore,) which means that my lens cover has been essentially super glued on to the car… because is costs less than replacing a $150 part in a car that I plan (soon, I promise) to replace.

Is that less than the fuel I am using going left all the time now?

Who knows, but I don’t think so. Not yet anyway.

So, while I longer in the left turn lane, I ponder the bigger issue: “What to buy?”

As you may recall, I have 3 kids.

They don’t like to touch each other in the car (eww gross) and we tend to carry a lot of baggage.

I am sure that it isn’t their fault. I love bags. I keep buying them because they are cute, or different or they are lighter than the ones I used to buy when I thought leather was better than canvas or maybe it was just before micro fiber was invented. (No, leather was respectable and luxurious.)

So how much longer can I go left to go right being safer, until I just suck it up and go out and buy the new car that I want (and need) to buy? If you, my dear followers, have any great ideas (not a mini van, I’ve been there and done that,) I am open to suggestions. I am also open to new ideas politically, too but I am pretty sure we won’t be hearing any tonight, nor on October 13th for that matter.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl


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