Quiet Night

For us, my husband and I, this is literally the first time in 18 years that it is indeed a quiet night. You could even say it is a silent night, however, the music of the soundtrack with Dolby Surround Sound is literally all around us.

That said, it is a night when we have done all that we can and now, we can retire, relax and rest. 

Here’s to wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas Eve; especially everyone who is still preparing for a special morning, doing everything possible to create a very special Christmas morn with sweet surprises for one and all.

We’ve had many years of sleeplessness, re-caffeinated nights, after quieting babies. Nights spent wrapping toys that rattled squeaked and spoke in robot voices – over and over – no matter how much you prayed they’d stop. Finishing the task in the early morning then, tiptoeing down, hoping the stairs wouldn’t creak and wake them too early for us to get at least an hour’s sleep. (In a 130+ year old house, that is hard to avoid – but guessing that newer ones do it, too.)

It was nice to see Santa at the mall today, while collecting last minute gifts – then, again on the fire truck making rounds through the borough, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas like he does every year.

That makes three Santa Sightings -a true fuzzy white and red Hat Trick for the holiday season. 

Parents and children alike love Santa and all that he embodies, which is why we do what we do. We all want to help children everywhere celebrate…after all, they’ve been good, never naughty. Ours are even better this year, giving us a wonderful quiet night together sitting on the couch, under the fuzzy blanket and watching a family favorite movie trilogy plus…starting with 3.5 then 4, 5, 6 in that order and maybe 7. If it runs into the early morning, so be it, we will all enjoy together and sleep in tomorrow. That is, until they awake with the glee in their eyes that only says “Merry Christmas”.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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