Rested and Ready

Every Monday, we (all) should be rested and ready for the week.

When we have a 3 day weekend, it seems that there is even more rest but even more “getting ready” than there would be on any given 2 day break. It’s like, if having one Saturday was just enough, having two of them is not enough.

  • Gradually staying up later and later as the weekend goes on.
  • Waiting to eat breakfast until 10AM (or noon).
  • Staying in their pajamas all day long.
  • Not skipping the normal homework routine and getting it all done Friday afternoon.

After having too many days off in September and none in October, the months of November and December are sure to mess around with the normal routines – but, somehow – luckily – being rested and ready for Tuesday is getting easier and easier.  Of course, having them get older and more independent is a huge leap in this process even though we have been taking tiny little steps to get their all of their lives.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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