Ahead and Behind

How is it possible to be both ahead and behind at the same time?

Sometimes, in your work, you are ready for everything that comes next; yet at home, things are slipping. Other times, you are running ahead of the rest of the team but behind in deliverables because you can only go so far without the rest of the group…or the client…or the kids…or your friends.

If they are not ready, neither are you.

There is an essential balance in life…

We must keep busy, but we must also not be so far delinquent that we can’t keep up.

In the end it probably (hopefully) all equals out and yes, you can be both ahead and behind all at once. Then, one day, one week or one month, you might solve the problem and then, you will have a new one…boredom. Capital B – bored. We can’t let that happen, so keep it all flowing – one thing leading to the next and the next – taking a breath and diving back into the deep end leading to a moment of simple satisfaction.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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