Respect the Brand

I always get frustrated when retailers don’t honor and respect the brand (or the brands) in their store. Today I was absolutely certain that I saw a Krispy Kreme case in a convenience store. Sure, it was seen though the window from my car at the gas pump. What?!? Wow, well, I haven’t eaten lunch yet, I worked out today, I may just have to go inside and get one of those little delicious melt in your mouth sugar bombs.

Now, I know that Krispy Kreme is not prevalent in this area anymore. Their “direct delivery to store” program was discontinued a while ago, years ago probably. (Not too many in the Northeast “get” Krispy Kreme. The Red Light is On. Mmmmmm. Even their website shows the map with whether or not they are busy making donuts right now! Awesome.)

Even still, I was certain and getting excited to finish filling my tank and to go inside and see if I was right. I couldn’t possibly be right. My vision is not perfect. I probably need to replace my contacts. But, I was 99% sure that I was seeing a green and white, polka dotted retail bakery case.

So. I went inside. Wound my way around the displays. Bam! I was right. Wahoo!! (I have to remember to trust my knowledge of logos and brands…)

However…one small, tiny, little problem. (Actually, a big problem. Huge. Horrendous.)

It, the Krispy Kreme case, was filled with prepackaged, from a factory, 2 for $1 honey buns!! Oh No! And no, in case you were wondering, not even close to being Krispy Kremes. UGH!

I really get bothered by that.

Coke in the Pepsi cooler, Pepsi in the Coke cooler, Herrs on the Lays shelves, Hershey bars on the Snickers pre-formed candy rack. Yup, I’m bothered by them, too.

Please, please, please… when you have a retail store, do what you can and respect the brand that supports your business, helping you to attract customers. Would you want someone to miss-use and miss-represent your brand?

Thank you – in advance – from the brands out there who deserve your respect.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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