Impersonations and Stream of Consciousness

Impersonations and stream of consciousness makes me think of Robin Williams.  I have put these two words together but not because I was thinking of them together, but because one lead to the other.

Impersonations are always fun to watch when they are done well. When they are done well, even better than most others… like in the case of Robin… because his mind would race from one idea to another and be even better! That, of course, is just one of the many, many reasons why we loved Robin Williams so very much. But, this post is not about that wonderful actor and what he did… it is based on the memories conjured up by the box from Krispy Kreme yesterday.

I know this will sound random, but please follow my stream of consciousness, indulge me. It is how I am often (mostly) inspired…

After seeing the “30th Anniversary – There’s Something Sweet in the Neighborhood” Ghostbusters green slimed box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts – (by the way, this is how they spell it… while I am more of a “donut” fan for spelling my thought is that shorter spelling is from an entirely different brand and since we have to respect the brand, I will spell it “their way!”) – I thought of Emma Stone in her role in Zombieland impersonating Annie Potts from Ghostbusters.

When I thought of Emma Stone, it made me think of Kathleen Madigan, because we just saw her perform in Glenside at the Keswick Theater and we thought at the time, “hey, she sounds and looks a lot like an older version of Emma Stone” – and they are both funny!

When I thought of Kathleen Madigan, I thought, maybe we should watch her Netflix special (again) cause she’s funny and it’s Friday and at the end of a long week, you need to remember to laugh. And then, my Friday afternoon/evening would have been partially planned out (even though we actually have other plans tonight – and yes, they are good plans.)

Instead of that route, my mind could have easily (no pun intended) thought of Emma in her role in Easy A. Which might have made me think of The Scarlet Letter…leading me to think of Sophomore year in High School and my American Lit teacher, Mr. Miller.

Mr. Miller was cool, you know, as cool as a 35 year old can be when you are 15 and they make you read Nathaniel Hawthorne novels.

But, that would have just reminded me of all the things you have to do in your second year of High School, which would have been PSATs… which my daughter has to take tomorrow morning. This is not going to be fun, for her or for me…

So, after a great thought of something funny, I was brought back down to earth and what we have to do tomorrow.

Maybe we will still watch Kathleen, but we will also help someone get up and out early to go do something she doesn’t want to do. Maybe she will be funny and impersonate a studious, test loving teen tomorrow morning and that would be great… (like maybe Brian Johnson from the Breakfast Club.) But, no, I don’t think that will happen.

Enjoy your Friday evening. Whatever you do. Just make sure to have fun when you can take it. I know I will be…because you just have to enjoy life.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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