Reinventing your brand

You have the power to reinvent your brand. If you are working in a company or running a company, you have the power to reinvent what you want to be. After years of doing the same thing, offering the same products and services, you can decide to change.

I was an engineer. I changed to be a marketer – the very same thing that I may have laughed about reading Dilbert cartoons. “Welcome to Marketing we are having Unicorn today.” or “Welcome to Marketing, there’s a 2 drink minimum.” (Watch Mad Men and you will believe both of those statements.) It is true, by the way. While we don’t “eat unicorn for lunch” we certainly look for that elusive magical creature who makes everything better.

Lawyer becomes a therapist (they probably counseled a lot of clients anyway… no pun intended – sorry.) A doctor becomes the owner of a rock climbing gym. C-level executive leaves corporate America becomes a local community based business owner who does small repairs and handyman work in homes. A successful mid-level manager becomes a father or mother and decides to become a full-time father or mother. McDonald’s fry cook becomes a franchised owner in a store that does over $2 million a year in sales. Fast food joints serve grilled chicken and fruit. CVS has stopped selling tobacco in their stores – which by the way is HUGE – few retailers will have the guts to make that decision because it means millions of dollars in lost sales revenue – they are hoping to earn new¬† customers will shop there and spend millions on OTHER items.

My point, I think you see, is that you can do anything you want to do. Just decide what that is and make the changes you need to make to get there. It won’t happen if you don’t start. You can think about it for a while, but one day you have to start to make the changes happen and take the steps. So many have done it. Don’t they inspire you? They certainly inspire me.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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