Does it have to be this OR that?

Does it always have to be this or that?

(No, I am not talking about that Seinfeld episode with Jerry and Elaine who wanted both “this AND that”…) but you get the idea.

  • Cassette tapes won over 8 Track
  • VHS beat out Beta Max
  • VHS and the DVD crushed the LP sized laser disc
  • BlueRay exceeded sales of Sony’s HD dvd
  • iPod over the mp3 player…

This list could go on and on and it will. But, when it comes to brands and retailers or restaurants or service providers like accountants, doctors, lawyers, (consultants even) – does it have to be this or that – them or me?

I like very much that right now, this does exist and that there are both Home Depot and Lowes, Verizon and Comcast (or Verizon and At&T/T-Mobile/Sprint), Best Buy and oh, yea… who are they competing with now – Walmart and Target and Sears?? There are also countless thousands of independent retailers who compete daily – maybe not for everything that the big box retailers have, but for enough to make it worth the trip down the street to say hello to Jen or Brenda or Ellyn or Steve or Maria (and the other Maria…) Hank and Mike & Keri.

Isn’t there room for different brands, unique personalities, experiences one has had over another, professionals/retailers/service providers who have similar interests, or geographical symbioses? And, yes, competition that drives us to be better, challenge ourselves and perform to our highest potential…

Step up, be the one to challenge the status quo, it’s ok for there to be both. This world is pretty big and I commend you for doing it, for choosing to be an individual and making your own brand – I hope that others (also) see the value in what you do so that we can always have this AND that.

~ Dawn, aka Hat Girl

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