Red, White and Blue

November 11th isn’t necessarily one of those holidays when the kids dress up in cute little red, white and blue outfits but that doesn’t mean that they don’t appreciate the significance.

My kids, through school sponsored events, ceremonies and recognition have celebrated local Veterans as well as family who have served. So they should – every year. We do remember.

They should know that others have sacreficed themselves for this country and continue to do so, every day. 

They have learned about my grandfather and the highlights (rather than the details, he never talked about the details until the very end of his life when he would remember but was too weak to hold it in.) He had multiple Pacific tours during World War 2. I’ve written about it and how significant it was to my family. He met my grandmother thorugh his bunk mate, otherwise I wouldn’t be here today.

A year ago, we celebrated his 90th birthday. The image of his friends, many of them WW2 and Korean Vets, wearing simple white sailor hats – aged from their 70s to 90+ it was quite an image. It choked me up but made me proud to know them.

I love being an American. I don’t know how else to say it, but I do. The freedoms we have – which are many – are probably undeserved for all the sacrefices that have been made. I will fly the flag, red, white and blue and I will appreciate the men and women who serve and who have served. This year, and next and then again until we can’t any longer.

Dawn ~ aka Hat Girl 

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