Hang On To Your Hat

When the going gets rough and the wind starts blowing…hang on to your hat.

Sometimes you have to be in the fray of it; you have to take the chance, to succeed. The bumpy ride is what makes life fun, challenging, exciting…and helps you overcome obstacles you didn’t even think you could handle.

While you are out there, taking risks, trying to be more, to do more…Life has a way of throwing stuff at you.

Stuff you didn’t even think you would have to handle. Work, personal life, or attacks from those with ideologies different from yours…storms, excessive heat, rain and more.

It is just part of the American way. Part of the risks we take and how we have to forge ahead in the post 9/11 life we live.

It is just another day…it is all of that and more.

  • Another day where we fight to be better.
  • Another day where we try our best.
  • Another day where we hold on to our loved ones even tighter.
  • Another day when we set a goal to accomplish something bigger than ourselves.
  • Another day where the wind blows in your face, and the rain is cold, wet and angry.
  • Another day where you take the chance to get the shot you know you deserve.

You just have to stand tall, hold on to your hat, reach out to help someone up, pack the sand bags and weather the storm. Life will continue to throw things at you and you just have to dodge, weave and make it to the other side. The sun will shine again and we will always, always remember the moment.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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