Everything and More

This Christmas, I do hope that you have everything and more than you really need…which is the category where I think most of us fall.

It was fun to watch the kids open their presents and see their faces. Some surprise, some awe and some shock. Not disappointment. Even today, on a day of gifts and joy and happiness – celebrating being together – it is a relief.

Today, we have presence.

Here and now. Together, warm and safe and at home with loved ones.

When they are small, young and completely impressionable, not like the media doesn’t continue to influence as we age, it is harder to know whether or not you got the right gift. Whether it is the right item, or the right item but from the wrong company…or egads, the right item, but OMG in the wrong color.

At the end of the day, we know they have everything and more than they really need, especially at Christmas.  Since they have been so good, all-year-long, we want them to be happy, too. Their happiness makes us happy and combined with being together is what really, truly matters. Love and joy and peace to all! Merry, Merry Christmas!

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl



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