Quick Brown Fox

Turns out, the quick brown fox doesn’t have to be that quick anymore…at least, they don’t appear to be all that worried and are lingering longer.

  • There are (relatively) no cars on the streets.
  • The people aren’t coming too and fro.
  • The air is cleaner (does that worry them?)
  • There are probably people starting new chicken coops.

In all of the years we have lived in the “burbs” we have never seen one in our backyard. (Granted, this is different from not having had one in our backyard.) Of course, we are not too far from some small farms, a creek that by my standards is actually a river and several preserved open space properties. So, I know they have been out there.

We’ve often heard them. At night. Fighting.

Tonight, not even at twilight, not only did we see it, but he was just casually strolling around.

Not sure, that even on Earth Day, the quick brown fox becoming more laid back is a good thing. Plus, what about the garden we have been planning? I guess we should start to learn more about that, now too.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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