Keep Learning

We don’t know everything, so we need to do the research to keep learning.

As we hear, read and see more about what’s happening in the world, and in our own states and local communities, it seems the less we actually know.

I heard a distinguished expert say that the thing that drives her most to share her knowledge is that she is being given access to more information than others. People who are important to her because they are the people with whom she comes into contact.

Yes, I said…into contact.

Something we can’t do right now without great risk.

While I applaud her for that, she is a bit ahead of us on that curve.

She has a background in ethics, a broad understanding and belief in federalism and her approach to this problem is based on information from many inputs from experts including economists, technology experts, and public health advocates.

From what I have heard, her impression of the impact of a pandemic on humans is bringing to the surface pretty big topics. Social responsibility. Maintaining a balance of privacy standards for Americans. And, a pretty important one to the world’s population, pandemic resilience.

Most of these topics would have been outside of my realm of interest. I am trying to understand, I am trying to make good decisions – for me, my family and my community.

It isn’t easy. But, if we all keep learning, keeping an open mind, and listen to others who have done the research, we all might find the answer.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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