Interesting Perspectives

All in all I am finding that there are many interesting perspectives of what is happening in the world and (in particular) in our country right now.

What one group thinks, another does not.

What one group believed, condemned then adopted another thought incredulous…and then, they thought it, too.

What one country learned, and tried to share, was not listened to – except by a few *which might be a few hundred thousand people – and maybe it helped.

Then as time passed by, and infections moved from east to west, north to south, things changed, the word of mouth on social media, and news stories, expanded.

Of course, we all have diverse, but interesting perspectives and they do – for the most part – vary based on where you are, what you have experienced, how you have learned or now know first hand. We still don’t know what we don’t know…but, we all have to keep listening and learn as quickly as we can to embrace our new normal.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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