Go Out

It is definitely time to go out… it is Friday, depending on where you are and when you are reading this, it is pretty darn close to happy hour.

It is “First Friday” – an event that happens every month and could be celebrated everywhere any anywhere. Yet, I have to wonder how many retailers, cafes and restaurants take advantage of a simple little change in their schedule to open their doors (after hours perhaps) or to move outside onto the sidewalk and expand their seating capacity.

Even if it isn’t 70 degrees on a fall evening, where you are, it can be done. Just make a note to check out those cool (pun intended) propane space heaters. They make a huge difference and my parents even have a few; just for family and extended family events. Or, you can just go out and buy a couple; open your doors tomorrow or next week or next month and make it a very special way to start the calendar flip.

~ Cheers, Dawn aka Hat Girl



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