Professionals vs. Volunteers

When it comes down to performance there are definitely benefits to having both types of people on your team, however, you just have to understand why you need both or one vs. the other. In other words, having professionals vs. volunteers on your team.

  • Paid vs. not paid
  • Experienced vs. willing to try (and maybe experienced, too)
  • Trained vs. willing to learn
  • Individuals vs. committees
  • Opinionated vs. opinionated (or many opinions)
  • Straightforward vs. polite
  • Logical vs. emotional

Clearly, I have something on my mind that is skewing the list here just a bit, but you can have it swing the other way. In the end, people have opinions, similar or wildly divergent experiences, control or none over their emotions while having strong beliefs about what is right, wrong or beautiful.

When you work with a team of professionals vs. volunteers exclusively, you have a different results – still good, very meaningful and positive – it is just very different.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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