Chocolate Means Happiness

I think that is it pretty universal that chocolate means happiness to everyone. (Except, that is, for the few – and I do actually know one person – who are allergic to it. Even for her, I think she is happy for a minute, until the hives come popping out.)

Just walk into the shop, breath deep. Sigh. I’ll take two, no four. Ok, all of this, please. (How can you say no?) Sea salted, potato chip covered – just the right balance between salty and sweet…

I bought far more chocolate than I (or my family) needs today, but I just cannot help myself.

  • When the kids are sad. Chocolate.
  • When the kids are celebrating. Chocolate.
  • When it is someone’s birthday. Chocolate.
  • A gift from the wedding couple to enjoy later. Or, now. Chocolate.
  • Easter. Chocolate.
  • Christmas. Chocolate.
  • Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day. Chocolate (pumpkins, turkeys, hearts.)
  • When someone is having a baby… Lots of chocolate.
  • A gift, an afternoon pick me up, a “hey I was thinking of you” or a, “wow, that was a really great meal…” Chocolate.
  • Gelato. Chocolate.

Tomorrow, I will guess that you will find a way to think to yourself how chocolate means happiness to you and you will let me know… just so I can add that reason to my list.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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