Product Placement Matters

Marketing 101 tells you that product placement matters.

…the red mark on your forehead will tell you whether or not you paid attention when you went shopping.

Foiled again.

Not paying attention can cost you – the consumer.

Not paying attention can benefit them – the manufacturer, and the merchandiser, and the promoter and the retailer where you went shopping.

They all made money on their look-alike product.

The question comes into play when the manufacturer and the merchandiser and the promoter all work together making sure their product placement matters – but they make their own similar products (fat-free, sugar-free, low-carb, gluten-free) look the same. Someone (not them) may lose.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Sugar free pudding was not on our list, but it is in the fridge now.

PPS Fat free half-and-half is not even made with cream, so I am not sure why they package it.

PPPS Can you make GuinnessĀ® beef stew with non-GuinnessĀ® stout?

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