Blind Taste Test

When I was a kid, the grocery stores were big into the blind taste test. It seemed like they were always trying to get us to try a new brand, or another brand of our favorite products.

Admittedly I have no research on this topic to share, just the memory of how life changed after Pepsi® took on Coca Cola®.

The grocers perhaps, were inspired by Pepsi in their challenge that people preferred their brand of cola, when choosing based on their taste vs. a label.

If people would choose the competitive brand based on taste, maybe it would work for other products that made the market more money… 

Today, we did our own blind taste test trial of Candy Corn – it was kind of a split decision. Equal thirds…one part liked the traditional, brand leader Brach’s®, one part liked the natural, organic Yum Earth® “healthier” variety, and the other third don’t like candy corn at all.  😜 Ah, well, such is the life of the market researcher, you can’t please everyone. Luckily, kids at the door for Halloween are not so choosy, they’re just pretty happy to get free candy!

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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