Private Sale

It used to be something very special – to be invited to a private sale – but now, that could mean you and every other person in their e-mail database are invited. Or, everyone with the retail store’s credit card (which is a lot of people – like $270 Billion worth of purchases BIG in just 2014 alone – statistic info found here.)

Well, that still feels special, but what I am talking about is the really, really private sale that is limited to less than 5% of someone’s database – their very best customers – who are going to get their very best offers or access to everything in the store before anyone else.

How do you keep your customers coming back if it isn’t for the perks?

I mean, that is one of the biggest reasons we have private label credit cards…isn’t it? You can go ahead and throw in gift cards, gift certificates, membership programs and loyalty cards, too!

If you spend a lot with a retailer (or a service provider – Verizon for example, maybe not a good example, but one to consider…they should definitely do a special sale for customers who spend more than $6000 a year with them!) I think you should be recognized for that loyalty. Don’t you? Yes, I bet you do!

So, if you are a retailer or a service provider – do you offer your premier, gold, ruby, platinum, red, diamond, tin, aluminum etc… customers – something extra, super special? (No, I definitely don’t mean priority boarding on the plane because I just heard them call at least 10 groups to “pre-board” before “group 1” was called the other day!)

I hope you do off something unique…because there are more offers and more deals and more specials being thrown about every day. Where do we start? As consumers, you start with the ones who appreciate what is given to them – your business, your very first thought when you have to buy a gift, a dress or a new phone.

A private sale could do wonders for relationships; relationships of the best customer, close encounter at the counter kind. As a retailer, you should start with the customers you couldn’t do without. It doesn’t have to be more than you can afford, aka a loss leader, but it should be something very uniquely, special and private – just for their eyes only – until they wear it to the next party and people ask, “Wow, where did you get that dress? I love it!!”

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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