Gift Cards Galore

I don’t know if I am happy and excited or frustrated and sad – but my desk is covered in gift cards galore…all from stores with whom I have preferred status and can buy them in bulk at a savings.

How did this happen?

Well, remember when I moved my office around earlier this spring? By that I mean completely redesigned, repainted and got new furniture. Yup – that little project…

Well, I just unearthed a stash of pre-paid cards that I am certain I had bought, planning ahead, for end of year teacher gifts.

But I lost them. So to speak. I mean, sort of – they are not lost now are they?

Of course, I participated in the group class gift AND sent in cute, sweet jars of Maple Apple jam with assorted treats from the local jam store, too. (An apple for the teacher… plus she was leaving elementary school and going to the new Middle School called Maple Point…get it?) Better than a “generic” gift card, right?

But now, what do I do with these?

Save them for the holidays?

Ha! Sure…remember two seconds ago how I LOST them once this year already!?!

To that you may say… (as I have already said to myself) put them in a safe place and then it will be easier to remember. Put a note on the calendar as a reminder… yea, that could work.


But, a little insight you may not know. My husband’s computer crashed the other day. His back-up was, let’s say older than he’d have wanted…which is to say anything older than maybe today, is too old. (A side note, our preferred tech, on call, recovered the data – yay!)

Assuming I don’t allow my backups to fall behind and my note on the calendar is there to find, I will have gift cards galore to choose as token “thank you” gifts for the a few months of support, going the extra mile and taking the time with my kids. That is of course, unless I use them this weekend to enjoy lattes, donuts, books (on sale for the holiday) and a game, app or song from iTunes.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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