Power of Suggestion

The power of suggestion has always been a very strong tool. I put my idea out there last night. I am not sure, at the time, whether I had a strong preference one way or another, but I am happy with the outcome.

Why do you think that the motivational speakers made so much from their careers of speaking engagements and writing books?  People want help and they want to be better at the things they want to improve in their life. They also want to make the right decisions. They need help. They seek it out, from their peers, friends and their “community”.

I am not sure that Facebook knows that power it yields, but it probably does. The same goes for Google and I am sure Bing, too (but I don’t use that search engine, ever.)

Everyone around here was wondering if there would be school tomorrow. There were even online votes or guesses as to the plan for the day. The overwhelming theme was no school. Then, one district after another toppled to the pressure. “For the safety of the students” they all said. They didn’t have to give a reason, not one of them needed to do so, yet one after another they must have read what local and neighboring schools were thinking. Online. On social media. In the local living rooms. On the sledding hills.

Then, they too used it for their “excuse” – to appease the ones who didn’t want it to be true – the ones who have to work tomorrow no matter what…

I am not psychic but, sometimes I am amazed that the power of suggestion can work for good rather than for evil (as in the general sense of course, not this particular instance.) Yes, tonight, I am glad that it took the high road. Enjoy your day tomorrow. Be safe. Stay warm. It’s a 3-day weekend!

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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