Tomorrow, Maybe

You hear it all the time. I will do it tomorrow. Maybe.

Maybe not.

Sounds like you don’t want to do it now. Sure, you might be exhausted. You might be burned out. You might have already done more than you thought you could and this one last thing can certainly wait until tomorrow. Someone might say no. Someone might ask you to do something else that they believe (and you agree) is more important.

I am just saying that if you can, do it today.

Tomorrow, maybe won’t be enough… You will find yourself snowed in. You may find that you overslept. Or you hit traffic. Or it was icy and cold… A year ago, my grandfather passed away. He was 90. He’d had a lot of years and plenty of tomorrows. Even still, I know that we all would have liked maybe, just one more tomorrow with him.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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