Post Holiday Parent

There are three states of parenting a college student during the holidays. The pre-holiday and the post holiday parent but neither of them are like the during-the-holiday parent.

The pre-holiday parent is full of anticipation and excitement. Shopping, preparing, and cooking. Both of you, in your own way, gearing up for the laughter and the stories that they will share with you of their life over the last few months, weeks, days – however many it has been for you.

Then, they come home and they go…

  • right to sleep.
  • out with their friends.
  • to a movie.
  • back to work.

The during-the-holiday parent is the old parent, the one that you were when they lived at home. The one that wants them to be exactly as they were when they were – well – little or at least younger than they are now.

The post holiday parent has to remind their own little self that they are growing up. They are becoming their own person…with their own life. Even though they still need you and you can see that, at least a little bit. (Not just for financial support and help with tuition…but for the real life stuff that happens.) Each holiday is just a little more foreshadowing, insight into the future…but, there is no time to be sad because another holiday is right around the corner and that one will have new Christmas socks, hot cocoa and maybe some (more) time sleeping on the couch.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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