Pay Attention to the Flashing Lights

We absolutely must pay attention to the flashing lights.

We do. Don’t we. Yes…we do!

  • The fire trucks.
  • The extra wide-load trailer carrying a not-so-mini house on it’s flatbed.
  • The ambulance.
  • The traffic signals – especially when the normal lights are not working due to some kind of signal failure or power outage.
  • The trash truck, coming through town on an off-day due to the holiday.
  • The construction detour and the “bridge is out” warning…

Or, do we?

  • The online “Cyber-Monday” sale?
  • The Cyber Monday starts today (on Sunday).
  • The Black Saturday event of the year.

I am not going to pay attention to the flashing lights in my inbox anymore, because I already have 6 of the same messages (or essentially the same) from the very same list of retailers, saying the very same message in each e-mail. You know why? Well, because I know there’s gonna be a Cyber Tuesday, so…why don’t you just stop flashing us already? It isn’t an emergency and if you can afford to discount 25% to 40% off every day to your “regulars” you are overcharging everyone all of the other days of the year and we don’t have to pay attention to you anymore.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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