Poorly Designed

It is really a shame when someone develops a new idea, a device, or even a new feature, but it is poorly designed.

If they’ve had past success, and people like them, there might be support. It might make its way through quality and go right into production with just a few edits…things that enhance it, fix a few minor flaws, but won’t make it perfect.

If they’ve been the lead developer, their design – even if plagued with major problems – might make people ignore the fact that it’s going to make production, quality control and even customer service suffer from the consistent requests to fix the defects, recalls and repair tickets.

It’s okay if the cost of the product is low enough, and the retail price is set high enough, that the company can afford to be imperfect every once in a while.

It’s ok for the company…

It is not, however, ok for the end user.

The problems are, regardless of how it happened, that the issues of a poorly designed device could have been avoided if the push to get something new market wasn’t the driving factor. Wait, maybe even pause, just take a breath. If the Emporor has no clothes, someone should tell him before he walks out the door and ruins someone’s day. Just tell him to go back to the drawing board, or the closet and come out with a better image.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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