Just Over The Line

It doesn’t take too much to step just over the line and into trouble.

  • 1 inch (or less) and you are on the foul line and out of bounds?
  • 1 poorly chosen phrase in a group of people who do not know the context from which you speak?
  • 1 short answer, said in a moment of weakness/frustration/anger?

Then again, it could just as easily be that last push and you stick out your neck and cross first, just over the line as the winner. There is literally a fine line between good and bad, win and lose, delightful or sad and you never know when it is going to happen. So, you just have to be on the look out and be ready at all times; hopefully for you: it is a win and not a loss, it is said to people who know you well enough to know you wouldn’t say something cruel and of course, that they know today was just a bad Monday and you couldn’t help yourself.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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