Play More

If we have learned anything in these last few years, it is that we should play more. Have more fun. Be able to relax more often.

It doesn’t come easy.

Life is hard. Work is hard. School is hard.

But, life has taught us that there are time to laugh, sleep in, have a second glass of wine and spend more time with friends. It is times like these that we are reminded we should spend more time gazing up at the sky, and dreaming of the things we want to do and become.

When we were kids, we always wanted to stay up late, to stay out past dark and we did – until we couldn’t – because we were growing up and becoming responsible. Now, we are all grown up – still quite responsible – but, we realize that it is more important than ever. Sometimes, we should listen to the child that is hidden way back in all of us and just take the time to play more and to do anything we want to do – even if just for an evening.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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