Only Win When You Play

You can only win when you play the game…

If you don’t throw your hat in, and make an attempt, you can say that you didn’t lose, but that’s not really true.

Tonight we took a risk. 

  • We went into the darkness. 
  • We risked driving into the lake (not well marked at all I must say.)
  • Then, someone mentions bears…with scary thoughts of bears on our minds – I certainly didn’t think of that possibility.
  • In drives THE park ranger – just as we were done repositioning the car (no lights on of course) – for a better view.
  • Victor turned out to be far less nerve wracking than other, non official, random cars entering our chosen viewing space.

The risks were nominal in the end I guess, but taken nonetheless to see Aurora Borealis.

The Northern Lights do exist, there’s proof…just not from our experience, nor photography, tonight. This pic featured, is from Iceland I think, I’m not sure as the collection doesn’t say. Maybe because it isn’t the best pic out there…but probably still, far better than we’d have seen in our neck of the woods.

We know we only win when we play, and even if you play, you don’t always win. Luckily with humans the excitement and thrill of victory bring you back for another attempt. We will be back and it will be all the more valuable to us and the kids then.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl 

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