Planning and the Magic in Numbers

When I think of planning, I think of the magic in numbers, which in my case is 3.

In my professional life, planning is easy. I can set a timeline, a goal, a budget and pretty much stick to it. In my personal life, I have some “surface issues” with planning BUT my self-confidence helps me achieve what I know I can – without planning it down to every last little detail. Plus, I do like to be spontaneous at least some times in my life. In thinking back on some of the major things that have happened in my life, I wonder if it isn’t some other “grand plan” and maybe a little magic number 3, because big (one, two, three little letters) – yes, BIG things happen to me –  to us – about every 3 years.

Is it by chance, that every three years (since I can remember), my life dramatically changes. Let’s not go back to forever ago, but let’s just start the year I moved in with my “someday to-be husband” (and no, we were not engaged). Side note: We had recently graduated from a place with a Triangle in their logo/emblem/foundation. Hmmm, coincidence? Maybe, maybe not.

3 years later, we got married
3 years later, we had our first baby
3 years later, we had our 2nd baby
3 years later, we had our 3rd baby (Yes, we planned for 3, we had 3 – it was a good plan.)
3 years later, we bought a store (a franchised store at that…)
3 years later, I left my employer to “work that business” with the intent to find new owners…and I started Hat Girl Marketing to boot. (We did find new ownership & it didn’t take three years.)

3 years since then… it looks like we may be starting yet another business. Maybe, but this one won’t be mine. Stay tuned. When we are ready, we will let you know more but I will give you a little hint, there are 3 primary ingredients and one of them is MRA.

I think there is magic in the number, but maybe it is really in the plan.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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