Physically There

We were all, physically there, but mentally, maybe not all of us. Certainly, only a few will remember.

How many times were we forced to go somewhere, do something or have an “experience” that just wasn’t on your list of wonderful things to do?

So many, we can’t even count.

Conservatively, at least 1 per year until we were 12, probably more like dozens each and every year.

Not that it stopped at age 12, it is just by the time you turned 13, you maybe started to notice more or actually want to be there…maybe, then again, it wasn’t until 16…or, perhaps you are still waiting to achieve this milestone.

As parents, we want to give our kids experiences, share time together and just allow them to learn, even if every moment isn’t an active teaching moment. Go through each day and just see, hear and touch – maybe taste and smell too – whether it was the experience itself, or a meal we enjoyed together.

We can look back and wonder, was it the right thing to do? The right thing to force them to try?

Yes and yes.

Hopefully, as they grow older it will resonate with them more. Plus, at least a few of the moments, they will remember being more than just physically there and have a great time, looking back with fond memories. Perhaps, they thought enough of the scenery, to snap a quick pic when we weren’t looking and they will have that moment, captured, forever on their phone.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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