Physical Card

While a text or message on social media might be nice, a physical card can’t be beat.

Going to the mailbox day after day and seeing the latest promotions and updates from companies is a likelihood. Receiving bills is a given, unless you pay for everything up front, or in cash.

Getting a real card, in an envelope, hand written with a friend or family name on the return address is just…incredible. It makes the trip to the box worthwhile. It rekindles the spirit, lightens your mood and gives you something to look forward to instead of the same old, hum drum recycling bin filler.

In anticipation, do you open it right away, or go through the other things to sort, making piles and waiting, drawing out the mystery of what’s inside?

You can’t even believe that it’s such a little thing, but means so very much.

You know how that makes you feel. You can only imagine how it makes someone else feel too.

Plus, it doesn’t take that long.

A stamp in the US is still under a dollar and you probably have a box of stationery in your closet from impulse purchases at Hallmark, Target or the local gift shop you can’t help but frequent.

If you think it’s nice, whether getting a birthday, holiday or thank you card, then think about who and when you might send a physical card. Be the next one to show them just how much you love, appreciate and are thankful for their presence in your life. Trust me, it will be entirely worth the effort.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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