Physically Impossible

There are things, that until this year, were physically impossible.

Actually, depending on what you’re looking at, it could have been the last decade…or the prior century.

It was 1952 when a professional ran a mile in under 4 minutes but by 1964 a high school student had done it, too. Today, the world record from 2010 still sits at 3:43…which may mean that the focus has moved on to other things. You might think to look at swimming, bicycle racing or, leaving sports altogether…what about making it feasible for a disability to be resolved through weaving a pair of pants?

Today, this is more possible than ever.

The advent of technology, manufacturing, design and yes, fabric weaving make the improvements in human physiology for sporting accomplishments negligible…but, for those who are impaired from birth or injury to be overcome by the efforts of teams of people. People, like electrical engineers, physical and occupational therapists, fashion designers and material scientists who care more, and are working together to accomplish amazing results.

The results are astounding.

We might think something today is physically impossible, but, give it a year, or two or ten and then look back and remember when. It is just a matter of time…when the need comes into focus, and people put their energy, heart and soul into making it happen, it might happen even faster.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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