Pesto! Pesto,

End of the summer and lots of basil means pesto! Pesto, beyond an amount you ever thought you would need.

  • It’s great on tomatoes, fresh from the summer garden.
  • Pasta, just wouldn’t be the same without it.
  • Try it on crostini, with olives and aged Parmesan.


So totally vibrant green.

It’s also, (unfortunately) something that some people in your family will tire of quickly.

Like, just one meal in 3 months is totally enough.

So, best to freeze some until the middle of winter, when everything is blah, grey and boring on the dinner table. That is usually when you are looking for something and you find the last piece of ice cream cake from someone’s birthday. While that might be – in and of itself – a wonderful find, underneath that…oh, what joy…pesto! Pesto, it is what you will enjoy for dinner. (Plan ahead now, you will thank me later.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Simple pesto recipe: 4 large bunches of fresh basil, 3 tablespoons of olive oil, 2 ounces of fresh Parmesan grated, 1 handful of pine nuts. Garlic freshly minced of course, sea salt and freshly ground pepper to taste. (Add everything but the basil to the blender or food processor and blend, then add the basil. Drizzle in more olive oil as you blend to create your desired consistency.) Use within 2 weeks or freeze for later!

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