Perfect Heart

When two people find love, it is truly a beautiful thing, but when two swans come together they make the perfect heart.

They mate forever you know.

They choose each other and stick together, through cold winters and long hot summers. They raise their ugly little swan ducklings and they nurture them to grow into a beautiful, elegant swan – every single time.

Humans, the results, well, they vary…but there is a chance, even if it is smaller than it used to be that two people will find each other. When they fall in love, get married and decide to have kids, they will love them, too. Help each other raise them, take care of them, and encourage them to go from being unstable toddlers and awkward teens into fully functional, able-minded adults that people want to be around.

These times are when we have to celebrate the love and care that goes into that long life of being together. I think, if we look close enough we can see the creation of a perfect heart. When we do, we should celebrate their beauty, too – not just on Valentine’s Day, but all year through.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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