Hearts Are Beating

This week, hearts are beating just a little bit faster…whether it is:

  • In anticipation of the perfect date.
  • Trying to find the right way to celebrate.
  • Thinking of a terrific menu to make – for them – or cooking together.
  • Seeking the cutest, sexiest, most fun, romantic, shiny, or unique gift.
  • Hoping said gift will arrive in time.
  • Impatiently waiting to give it to them and that they will like it.
  • Hoping they want to share.

No matter what your plan, stress or emotion, hearts are beating, looking forward to Friday, for at least one reason more than just any old TGIF. Make it fabulous. You still have time…just not much. Remember, sometimes the littlest things are the best option and it is the thought that counts.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS If they don’t accept the “thought” they might not be the right Valentine…

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