Miss Your Kiss

Being lucky enough to have someone close, someone to love, someone with whom you want to spend your time – whether at home, on vacation or out and about – is pretty lucky. When mine is away, though, I have to say, I miss your kiss.

It isn’t because it’s Valentine’s Day.

It isn’t because this is the most romantic time of the year.

It isn’t because it’s cold out.

It isn’t because of expectations imposed by others.

It isn’t because of any of those things…

It is because I am happy to be in love. I am happy to have you in my life. I am happy, that while we are not swans, we have chosen to be together and to raise a family together.

Some may say that public displays of affection are inappropriate, or that love is overrated and Valentine’s is a day for suckers who spend too much on silly tokens and trinkets.

I guess I just have a soft spot in my heart.

No gifts needed… No flowers. No chocolates. No elaborate dinner out.

You and I have both been away from each other and now is the time to come back.

Hopefully, all of you lovebirds out there are together, and celebrating however you want to enjoy your special time together. Hopefully you are not one who has to say I miss your kiss…but, if you are just be sure to say it so that they know they are not the only one.

~Dawn aka Hat Girl

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