Lesson of Love

There is a significant lesson of love that comes from marketing. 

Big time, big business marketing. Yes, you know the company and the brand I mean…


Formerly known as…Grimm or even Greek and Roman mythology.

Ironic, isn’t it, that Disney – that happy-go-lucky-place – and the stories it sells, are mostly based on something that wasn’t meant to be happy? Grimm – I mean, how much more depressing can it get than that? 

Of course, in the first 2 minutes of may (if not most) Disney films, the mother, father or even both parents of the child featured in the story has died – leaving the princess to fend for herself.

The princess.

Who comes to the rescue? The prince…of course.

However, in realtity, even Disney knows that little boys don’t want to be a prince. They want to be…

A pirate.

So. Here we have our real-life dillemma. We are taught to be rescued by the prince, but the one we want is going to be a pirate. How is that for today’s lesson of love?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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