Past Performance

It is true that past performance does not guarantee future results, but as technology and marketing begin to come together, the odds improve.

Barnes and Noble, however has not yet adapted the high-tech marketing demographics that Facebook has been using for a few years now.

In fact, they haven’t even adopted Amazon‘s marketing demographics, which were pretty advanced before Facebook came onto the scene.

You, like me, may have noticed their suggestions for your next book are not always so clever. They have yet to adjust their recommendations based on whether or not you have already bought the book. The same book – or nook book – that you bought on their very own platform using your membership account. They must be using their own algorithm – is it publisher biased? Is it based on their in-store sales? Why are they ignoring valuable member data?

Or, maybe they know me better than I think they do and they are basing their recommendations on my history and past performance. I have read so many books I am infamous for re-reading them; once I am 40% or even 60% into it, only then do I realize I have read it before. Perhaps it isn’t that I am forgetful, but that I read so many books that many seem to blend together, telling a pretty similar story.  I guess it could be anything…but no, I am not buying Gone Girl again, and definitely not a 3rd time!

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

All good titles.

All good titles.

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