Better To Have Done It

It is, in my experience, better to have done it than not tried.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have taken nearly 650 photos of the cast, crew and director staff of the Jungle Book Kids at school. I am not a professional photographer or videographer but today, when the kids saw themselves on the screen they were so excited.

Hours and hours of time went into this week’s four performances – each one better than the last. Countless volunteers made this second performance of the year happen. Literally, made it come together in the shortening weeks of school as it is ending for the year.

My contribution was minimal in my eyes. A few hours a few evenings at dress rehearsals, a few hours of sitting in the theater and watching the show snapping pics I probably wasn’t supposed to take, and a few hours today – editing out the fuzzy, blurry, no one is even recognizable in this pic, or that one either – to put together 500+ photos for the kids to have a slideshow at their cast party.

Oh, let’s not forget a few hours and 4 sets of hands to make 48 ant legs for costumes, Memorial Day weekend too. (Thanks Mom, Mom and Suzie!! Many hands make light work – I am sure the ants in this world would agree…)

They may not have had the part they wanted or the coolest costume on stage – but they developed confidence and learned lines and dance moves to convey a story of friendship and working together to accomplish a goal – to save a single human.

So, yes, in the end, after the “are we sure this was a good idea so late in the year” with kids moaning.

Really? Yes.





And even after not quite enough pizza AND waiting in the wings for the show to finally start… Every minute was worth it to see 134 kids smiling, singing, dancing and having a blast. It definitely was better to have done it!

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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