Laughing and Giggling

It’s our happy place, the place where you can hear laughing and giggling on a regular basis.

Nope. It isn’t our kitchen – although that is a good guess.

Nope. It isn’t in school – I’m not there often enough; but that should also be true – at least I hope it is.

Nope. It isn’t my home office – we are very focused here…but we sometimes laugh out loud. Full on LOL with tears streaming down our face for some reason or another. Those days are the best, but it isn’t an every day occurrence.

It is this little community place we find in our chiropractor’s office. Seriously. No, I am not kidding. Someone else mentioned it today. Aha! See it’s true!!

Years ago, I had told my friend Keri, one of the partners in the family owned practice that she and her husband had created a wonderful and welcoming community focused on health and well-being. On any given day, you can hear both adults and children laughing and giggling – enjoying a respite from the outside world where everything is rushed, stressful and busy. It is part of the magic you find at Sage Chiropractic. Trust me. It’s there. For that I am so grateful.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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