Party Overload

One could argue that there is a potential for having too many parties or celebrations in which to participate. Don’t get me wrong, parties are great. They drive a lot of industry, from bakeries, to DJs and restaurants to theme creators…but there certainly can be too much to do in one week, one weekend and one day…aka party overload.

  • Too many decorations. 
  • Too many activities. 
  • Too much food. 
  • Too much cake. 
  • Too many parties.

Not everyone has this many things to do in June…or even this week…and on this Saturday (thank goodness it wasn’t Fathers Day, too!) 

Normally, I mean for so many people… the party overload happens in December. Holiday parties can often be quite similar to the list above, just throw in too much alcohol and then, only then, do you really have the right definition. One more to go. Then, I’m ready for work again!

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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