Our Favorites

There are a few commercials being shown over and over during the Olympic Games that, so far, are our favorites. The ones that invoke a feeling of family, of love and commitment to life outside of the intensity of the games.

Liberty Mutual – explaining that everyone who is a client already has their Bronze, Silver and Gold medals in their car, home and children/family.

P&G – dedicated to the moms…for making someone strong, by being strong.

Reese’s – no matter how good you are at one thing, doesn’t mean everything is easy (“do Summer Olympics like a Winter Olympian”.)

Minute Maid – letter to Missy Franklin’s parents, telling them how good they’ve done…for her.

Once every four years, the summer Olympic sponsors can showcase their best view of dedication, family support, love, and winning, even if you don’t earn a medal. These are our favorites because of the emotional response they invoke, the laughter they generate and the inspiration they create to do more – even in your everyday life. 

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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