Our Connections Matter More

It is ultimately true that our connections matter more than the fleeting moments, yet it doesn’t stop us from filling our lives with little meaningful, snippets like the:

  • 2 minute conversation, reminiscing with a mom who has her young children enrolled in the same loving preschool where your kids went;
  • small talk, commiserating with the cashier at the market about how your iPhone 6es keep quitting on you mid-app launch or mid-conversation;
  • idle chit-chat with people in the same elevator about the weather (super cold, but warming up) or the football playoffs;
  • short explanation about how you understand, you used to be in that field of work, too;
  • fact that your best friend from college went there for grad school too and yes, the campus is incredibly beautiful…and yes, the cows crossing the road from one part of the agriculture school is somewhat off-putting; or,
  • you both are experiencing the same thing, right now, in your life.

Of course, our connections matter more with family, long-time friends and the clients closest to you, but it is a convenient reality that our lives are also filled with simple itty-bits that fill in the gaps. It is often those moments that will stand out.  If you can share anything, positive, memorable or interesting with others based on those moments, you will probably enrich their lives, too. Earning new friends, new clients and even, someday, family too.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl


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