Oops is Sometimes Good

Saying oops is sometimes good.

My sister in law used to say “oops” when she dropped an ice cube and the dog would rush in to find it. This would save the family from either having to pick it up or from finding a wet (and cold) spot on the floor with their socks later that day.

The “treat of a snack” I selected for the kids before tutor was a bacon and cheese sandwich on a toasted, country bun (yes, from Langhorne Coffee House). Maybe, or maybe not, on purpose, it was made that much better when the bun was warmed on a spot on the griddle that had just heated up a cinnamon bun. My son is now convinced that his favorite sandwich would be EVEN better if made on a cinnamon bun.

Krazy Glue® was sort of a mistake; a crystalline chemical found to be useful by the inventor who was searching for a clear lens solution. Since the chemical actually stuck to everything they put it on…it couldn’t help them with WW2 gun sights, but it did help with keeping things together. 64 years later, it has many unusual uses, including a replacement for bandages that won’t stick to a wound – you can buy a similar product called Liquid Bandage™ from Band-Aid® and it is purple, because then, you know where the cut is – you know, the one that you put it on and is now healed…

My favorite local brew pub has a Tuesday special to promote their trial and error brew of the week. While they are attempting – on purpose – to find their next new flavor profile, my guess is that sometimes their mix of flavors hits a note, the blends just work out right and they have huge success. Those flavor combos make it to the board in larger scale production; the others are a way to promote trial on a slower day of the week in The Vault. Either way, it’s a win.

How many inventions, recipes or accidental events have proven that an oops, is sometimes good in the long run? Of course, many more have proven to be terrible; but that doesn’t mean you should stop trying to find or invent something new.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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