Two Days Here

Who is counting? Two days here, two days there…after a week or so, does it matter any more?

What about after a year, or ten or more?

Once you decide that you are going to be happy, no matter what – spending time in places that you don’t choose to be are inconsequential.

Do we ever really know where we will land? It is part of a plan or a cosmic wind that takes you from one place to another.

I met and spoke to so many people this week who are no where near where they grew up, or even where their family all live.

But, they are happy and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

I know that there are certain places I believe I could live. The others, who knows. I guess time would tell.

It brings to mind the phrase “bloom where you are planted” and it is truly a wonderful statement. I am no gardener, but even though we do not live in Portland, Oregon, Dublin or even Shannon, Ireland…this rain is appreciated as it will definitely make for beautiful spring blossoms.

Even still, after two days here, the rain looks like it is moving out and we will have some sunshine for the weekend. It’s all a balance. Rain showers bring flowers, and that is one thing that makes it all worth while.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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