One Week

One week since we arrived. (Ok, a week and a day.) If I were the ocean and I was trying to entice people to come to visit me, I would use this week as a promotional video.

This is, by far, the best weather we have had for a beach holiday in ages and ages (France and Ireland don’t count – it was not a beach vacation even though we stayed on the Liscannor Holiday Homes property – which is pretty much beach front… In Ireland, however, as you can imagine the spring and even early summer, is expected to be damp, misty and windy.)

Our last few summer vacation week’s have been: Rainy. Cold. Grey. Choppy. Windy. Great for kite weather, fireplaces and lots of extra coffee.

This one week has been blissfully perfect. Too bad they haven’t been filming it for next year’s rentals and dream home buyers. It would have been a great time to capture blue sky, sunny days, cool breezes, white puffy clouds and plenty of fun, relaxation and great food.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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