I don’t wear a watch…even though I have several – a bunch of really cool, hand selected watches – but the last time I tried to wear one, they all needed new batteries..

For years, I have had a device I could refer to for the time (like an iPhone, or, even more often a laptop that I am usually right in front of all the time.) On each of these, like my kids, I do watch a lot of things. Mostly digital versions of life passing us by.

This week and last, I’ve been able to watch my kids in the sand and surf. While I know the lifeguards are there, they are casting their eyes out to sea – seeing so many children and adults – the boats, or even the sharks! (of which there haven’t been any sightings since Shark Week started. Hmmmm.) They just have so many places for their eyes to be at the same time. Me too…not any more than before, just more TIME to do it now.

Yesterday, in OCNJ, a sailboat caught on fire. Countless people saw it and called it in (or took pictures to share on Social Media. Two people and one lucky dog were rescued. They were all, indeed watching…something pretty interesting anyway.

Here, our beach patrol stands don’t have “Watch Your Children” on the back of them like they have in OCNJ – maybe it’s a more kid-centric beach or maybe they just assume that here, you will watch…. Life is happening, whether you pay attention or not. I have to say, I am appreciating being able to work in the mornings and the afternoons, flexible in my schedule and location while I have the time to see, hear and experience what is happening around me.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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